The BaleSkiis® baler liner helps to eliminate problems that can be associated with all sizes of square balers. While eliminating the problems of the baler, it also improves the function and cost effectiveness of the power source that runs the baler (tractor or engine). It improves the efficiency and use of the bale retrieving, transporting, and stacking equipment, by making a more uniform and compact bale. Thanks to its innovative design it can do so with zero moving parts, also reducing wear on the baler and power source.


BaleSkiis® baler liners have been used and extensively tested in a variety of forages and haying conditions. After finding much success with its use and operation under varying conditions, it was tested by the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta under PAMI and their guidelines.

The results were astounding and showed there was a bonus of 30% more leaf retention when using BaleSkiis® Baler Liners. These leaves contain much more protein and nutrition. Leaves containing more nutrition and protein are a BIG plus. You get less waste and better quality hay per acre!

BaleSkiis work for balers of all makes and models, this also includes units for large square balers:

· John Deere
· New Holland
· Hesston
· Case/IH
· Massey
· International
· Freeman
· Claas
· Case
· Ford
· Oliver
· Vicon

Since BaleSkiis are customized for each of the baler brands listed, please email us your make and model and we will be happy to send you a pricing quote ASAP.

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