BHT-1 Baler Mounted Hay Tester

The BHT-1 mounts in the cab of the tractor and provides a direct readout for % moisture while baling hay. Having the recommended moisture content during each step of the haymaking process is critical to finishing with a high quality product.

Product Features
• Bale Type: Square bales and round bales
• Direct readout for % moisture while baling hay
• Average of readings updated and displayed every 3 seconds
• Backlit display for night use
• Built-in calibration button
• Above and below moisture limit indicator
• Sturdy display module mounting bracket with adjusting knobs
• Includes sensor kit, long-lasting sensor pad and stainless steel hardware

• Operating Range (Moisture): 8% to 40% depending on baler type used
• Accuracy: Accurate throughout the normal range of stored hay
• Display Resolution: 0.1% moisture