DE-100 Hay Applicator

The DE-100 Hay Applicator has a 100 gallon tank and frame ideal for flat surface
mounting. It is designed for large self-propelled choppers and large square
balers. The pump unit has a 12 volt, 3 valve high volume pump. This unit has
excellent priming and has self filling capabilities. Our 3 nozzle assembly
(included) is universal and will mount on any size baler or chopper. Application
rates are controlled with a manual pressure regulator. The pump unit comes
standard with 30' of heavy power cord, manual on-off switch and in-line gauge.
For use with large square balers, the LS-1 Mounting Kit is required for proper

Qty: 1 EA

Price: $1160.00 

Recommended Options: 

SP-1 Speed Control 

Moisture Tester - for use with baled hay 

DigiFlow Digital Flowmeter