Portable Grain Kit

 MT-PRO and Hanging Grain Weight Scale all in one! Lowest cost product on the market for accurate moisture and grain weight determination! Individual parts also sold separately! Sturdy Carry & Storage Case - Part No. PLAS-K0101, Grain Test Weight Scale - Part No. 08170 & MT-PRO - Part No. 08125.

Complete Kit Includes:

• MT-PRO Grain Moisture Tester

• Hanging Grain Weight Scale

• Sturdy Carry & Storage Case

• Operating Instructions

• Two 9 volt batteries not included

Hanging Grain Weight Scale:

• Measures % moisture and test weight (lbs per bushel)

• Determines the test weight of your grain

• Metric or standard weights

• 15.5" long

• Test Range is 15 to 70 lbs per bushel

• Test Range is 20 to 90 kg per hectoliters