PW12000 – ULTRA Low Impedance - Professional Series

Product Features:

The PW12000 Power Wizard® fence energizer features ultra-low impedance technology that allows it to perform better than solid-state or low-impedance models, even through tough areas containing weeds and grass. Suitable for controlling every type of domestic, production or predatory animal. This charger is a 110 Volt AC-powered unit and comes with a 3-year warranty which includes lightning damage; the longest warranty in the industry.

Joule Rating: 12.0

Acres Controlled: 1 to 1,200 Acres

Standard Mileage: 1 to 200 Standard Miles of Wire

Recommended for:
• Small Areas
• Small Animals
• Horses
• Cattle
• Pigs
• Sheep
• Exotics
• Deer
• Other Wildlife



POWER WIZARD, INC. warrants all fence energizers to the original purchaser for a period of thirty-six (36) months from the date of purchase, when installed and used in accordance with the enclosed installation instructions.

PW12000 Manual